Patrick Spicer: Who’s This All of a Sudden?

Gilded Ballon Patter Hoose
August 3rd – 28th (6.30pm)

With his trade mark “unbranded” yellow shirt, Patrick Spicer bounces onto the stage for his hour at the Edinburgh Fringe. Even with a moderate audience, the room had an energetic feeling about it and you could tell from the outset that this was a young, cheeky laddie with a lot to get off this chest. With no time to waste, Mr. Spicer had the crowd heating up like a fresh chilli running around your mouth with nowhere to go. Patrick is a man of principle. Laugh with him, laugh at him, but one thing for sure, you will laugh through the entire 24 years that he has walked this earth…

Strong, brave, lucid and cool, this is a totally relatable comedy masterclass. Addressing all of his life’s ups and downs from anxiety, younger muggings, kebab-trading, cafe dating, teenage branding (there is that word again), Tik Tok, bum doctors and death, you certainly were made to feel you could relate to one or more of these tribulations of growing up. Delivered with a constant smile and excellent audience interaction, Patrick Spicer can definitely hold his own. Most comedians revolt at the thought of being heckled, but this young man takes it in his stride bringing the audience ever closer to his heart…

Growing up is not easy, unless your Patrick Spicer !! This is classic comedy at its finest. Raw, witty, direct, yet heart-warming. The journey Mr. Spicer takes you on is as much educational as it is funny. Subjects that others would steer well clear of seem to bloom under his spell, I mean, who needs to know about radioactive body fluids? Patrick’s ultimate moral is, life is beautiful and this is why death is in love with it, so make people laugh and maybe death wont be so crap. Great, hard-hitting fun delivered with fantastic dialogue and charm. A true wee gem of the Edinburgh Fringe.


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