Alex Farrow: Philosophy Machines

Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire
Aug 14-28 (20:15)

What is it like to be a comic?

Most of us will never know nor care considering they are in the main bat shit crazy.

Thriving or diving on the echolocatoray response of the vagaries of the crowds reaction. (the fuck? Ed.)

Should you wish to hear more pseudo philosophical waffling head to Alex Farrow’s Philosophy Machine at the Cabaret Voltaire. Not the best of all possible venues… ho ho.

If you didn’t get that this show is probably not for you.

Ostentatiously erudite (have you swallowed a thesaurus? Ed.) Farrow’s latest show deals with the integration of men women and machines, the telescopic time travelling transience of technology and…

(that’s enough Ed.).

Pretty entertaining.

I laughed therefore I was there.

Adam McCully

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