Lew Fitz – Soft Lad

Gilded Balloon Teviot – Turret
Aug 23 – 29th (19:00)

Performing his solo comedy show at the Gilded Balloon Teviot Turret for seven days at Edinburgh Fringe is Moss Side, Manchester born lad Lewis Fitz. A profound young man takes to his stage and owns it with impactable energy. Like a light bulb being switched on for the first time, he blinds his audience with immediate laughter. Lewis knows his stuff and has his audience hooked like a salmon on a fishing line. Interaction with his eagerly awaiting crowd was tenfold. If comedy was used as a therapy, then Lewis is the cure. This comedy show is a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point classic laugh a minute journey through childhood and beyond. With twists and turns, gags and giggles Lewis is not a soft speaking lad and delivers his lines with venom. Countless laughs continue to roll through the room as his interaction with the audience ignites a flame of heart-warming memories of times past. Lockdown ? What Lockdown?

This is a comedy powerhouse. Touching yet empowering, the pains and strains of growing up are a key factors within this high octane show. Upbringing, childhood, University, ash urns, uncle Bob politics, change, bacon candles, train strikes, internet, working class hero’s and life’s little precious moments are all-inclusive. With no quarter given there is a laugh and chuckle at every joke thrown at the already hysterical crowd. Hilarious and quirky video clips are a great addition to this fast-paced joy ride of a show. Delivered with accurate timing and flowing like a river this well written comedy is funny until the last minute is upon us. This young and upcoming comedian will be a sure hit in the future so there is no time to waste. Grab a ticket and check him out !!


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