Assembly Rooms – Powder Room
Aug 18-27 (18:20)

Tom DeTrinis is angry.

Angry at his Christian family, angry at his exes, angry at ‘Tsar’ landlords, angry at cheese and angry at New York.

‘Aha, Butt…’

…you may ask, pointing smugly to the Sunday Supplement School of Psychotherapy leaving cert on the wall.

‘Isn’t he just angry with himself?’

Is He Fuck

The CAPS are necessary to illustrate the flat out style of this one man tirade at just about everything.

Everything reduced to growing up gay with a Christian family in Long Island that is.

With a show that evolved from the more agreeably titled ‘Making Friends’ Mr. DeTrennis storms with extreme faggetry (sic) and some fruitily graphic scenarios through his schooldays, early sexual encounters to his present incarnation as an actor director and, it seems, dancer, in L.A.

This X-rated Wonder Years is pocked by characters that have been dickheads in the past. Mr. DeTrennis’ dramatic skills are on display as he slips between characters .

The headteacher who told him to stop writing after he regaled the school cafeteria with some bean flicker fan porn involving a teacher and two class mates.

His first love who didn’t understand his appreciate his artistic bents blah blah blah.

A day in the life of the vacuous LA social X Ray Stacey

(A soft target but he nails this one)

Family members

And with true pathos the Uncle he was named after who died aged three.

And his other self.

A thematically complex howling smirk that barely skips a beat in a celebration of unashamed rage.

Adam McCully

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