John Lloyd: Do You Know Who I Am?

New Town Theatre
Stand Venue 7
Until August 15th (15:40)

Here is a question.

Are there any great comedy shows that this man haven’t been involved with?

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Spitting Image
Not the Nine O’Clock News
The News Quiz
Just a Minute
Have I Got | For You

With a CV of that quality there is no need for the sweaty desperation that can drench a stand up. This is the tail end of a particularly agreeable dinner party in Parsons Green. After the cheese course, ice clinking in the brandy glass, flippers up on the billiards table ‘I remember when chaps..’ anecdotage.

Like being toyed with by a posh benevolent cat. Charming inconsequential and oddly soporific….

Adam McCully

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