Anna Nicholson: Woman of the Year


Just the Tonic at the Caves
August 23-26 (15:00)

Material: three-stars.png Delivery: four-stars.png Laughs: three-stars.png

There is definitely room in the comedy world for lightheartedness. What with all the Brexit and Trump and whatnot. Not every comedian can be Stewart Lee and nor should they be. Then, it is into that cozy, inoffensive niche of cheeky asides and respectful bawdiness that Ms Nicholson comfortably fits. Her show is built around four central characters all bidding for the title of ‘Woman of the Year.’ They are certainly no grotesque caricatures, but rather familiar & well-observed female tropes from British society; one could say this show is a celebration of female stereotypes across the nation. Feminism for the WI brigade if you will. Each character is distinct, properly developed and performed with confidence and verve. The question of who deserves the eponymous title, or rather who doesn’t deserve it is a difficult one to resolve.

The hour flew by, and despite the room being far too hot the frequent laughter from the audience cooled my senses & kept me enthused. Along the ride I took wonder with Anna’s chameleon; a simple change of top or hairstyle made each of the four characters unrecognizable from the next. Praise must also be given to the superb keyboardist who kept the show bouncing along at a merry pace and the sound design which was as imaginative as it was amusing. The room was packed almost to the hilt and, at this late stage in the fringe and on a Wednesday night, that is quite an achievement. I see a bright future for Ms Nicholson. Having said all this I do tend to prefer my comedy a little more on the edgy side, but in a world of sharp edges and treacherous thorns, a fluff-ball comes as a welcome breath of fresh air.

Victor Pope


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