theSpace @ Surgeons Hall
July 31- Aug 25 (18:05)

David William Hughes is currently performing the part of Tobias for Edinburgh. In 2018, his Elizabethan played to packed houses and critical acclaim here in Edinburgh, and also London, Boston, New York, It has been selected for historical preservation by the National Library of Scotland, which is quite a wonder, although not a surprise. In 2019, Elizabethan received its Australian premiere at the Adelaide Fringe, and has also been performed at the Boston Early Music Festival Fringe, So with his piece more than well-rehearsed, the experience unfolded before us early Fringe goers.

It was a close balmy evening, warm and sticky. I had been looking forward to this period piece for a few days. I was feeling right in the mood for a bit of romantic renaissance art and performance. Tobias took to the stage wearing the most lovely of outfits. He reminded me of (the late) Steve Strange from Visage in his classic 80’s pomp. A black and red number and wearing red satin shoes. Visually Tobias was upping his star rating in fine style, and boy could he play that lute.


Performing 16th-century love songs, with lots of warm audience participation, Tobias switched between the wooed and the wooer, with the very clever use of three different wigs and a hat. As he brought a wonderful selection of sonnets & songs back to life, the love-story that Hughes presented with them completely satisfied The New Romantic within me.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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