The Dots


Imagination Workshop – Hanover Suite
Aug 8-25 (20.00)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png Laughs: five-stars Room: four-stars.png

Edinburgh warmly welcomes the sexy and stylish trio known as The Dots. Three diverse and completely different characters provide comedy caberet with a glamorous flair. A desperate Dot Helen is eagerly looking for two wannabe sidekicks, and by jove does she find them. Take three marshmallows, sprinkle them with glitter, and toss them in tumble-dryer for an hour and hey presto, you have The Dots! Courageous, strong-minded and determined, these independent women cascade onto the stage like a powerful waterfall. They have only one thing in mind, to steal the show. With more energy than a electricity grid they are here to entertain, but Helen can only pray that these two new stooges make the grade.

Like an overflowing glass of wine the laughter just keeps spilling over the edge into the laps of the audience. The Dots take us on a well-written, face-paced and gritty musical journey. Battered and bruised, Helen is falling apart but is determined to finish the show, so unwillingly allows Macey her time in the spotlight. Not a good idea!! With the sweetest singing voices, this is a heart-warming and intoxicating, chic experience that caresses and teases you at every turn. Having laughed more than a pack of hyenas, The Dots had me in stitches from start to finish.

Raymondo Speedie


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