Gary Little : The Thing Is

Eden Court, Inverness,
Saturday 1st May
Gary Little’s performance was both original and hilarious. With a very ‘at ease’ stage presence the audience all felt we could have been hanging out in the pub together. The burly Glaswegian shares openly his checkered past as an ex-con and his wild days, long behind him now. Handling the crowd well, Little reg-ailed the crowd with tales of dog walking social etiquette, girlfriends, drugs, sex parties and on-line dating. Pulling all his material from real – life experience hes definitely had an interesting one!
His opening tales of dog walking and the daily problems that can occur could have only be made funny by wiegie banter. Dodging the neds in the park to carrying bags of ‘shite’ around are funny enough with out his social etiquette on varying greetings matched with dog breeds.
Little lets us on some background history of growing up in a high-rise in Maryhill during the 70’s. Growing up with three sisters in a one room flat, he was always his Mammies boy. Developing life long toilet behaviours stemming from the traumas of a shared landing toilet….the far fetched lies his ‘wee mammie’ used to tell him….and hanging around with a big dug who constantly wanted to ride him,,,,are a few of his child-hood tales. There was no one in the audience not laughing after this!
For sure this man has lived a colourful and wild life, all of which he can be thankful for as he has now found his calling in comedy. It was refreshing to see a performer stem laughs mainly about himself rather than others, and I get the feeling he has a lot more to tell! Not for the easily offended but I will be first in-line for tickets on his next visit to the Highlands.
Reviewer : Stephanie Mcdaid

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