Nathan Cassidy: 42

Nathan Cassidy. 42. The Three Tuns
Free Sisters
Aug 4-28  (19.42)
Material :three-stars Delivery :four-stars  Laughs : four-stars
Nathan Cassidy is funny and entertaining. He reminds me of the way that certain films start off slow before drawing you in completely. The title of his show is centered around the fact that he was once in a recording studio with the band Level 42, a moment caught on film for posterity and to entertain this year’s Fringe. His efforts last year were nothing short of startling, & the Mumble were keen to see what new tricks Cassidy had up his sleeve.
Bustling with street-wise banter, this modern clown worked us hard with his funky material. One-by-one, everyone in the audience warmed to him and yes, the audience loved it. Me included. I have decided to take a new look at comedians, they have nae always been my most fave to review. Divine is old school when it comes to comedy and tonight’s performance inspired me to liken the comedian to one of the greats. Tonight, Nathan had Norman Wisdom as his muse.
Cassidy’s creation also has one of the most novel finales to have ever graced the Fringe. I cannae give away the details, but there is a certain  brilliance in its unusuality. This show is well worth the fiver I put in the bucket, and I sense a rising star in our midst.
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine Calvert’
 What is the idea behind this years show – & is there any continuity from last years
The idea of the show is the audience choose 10 options from 42 and I do a different show every night based on those options in a quest to find the meaning of life – order from chaos.  It’s about love and togetherness….
What does the Edinburgh fringe experience mean to you
Back to the Future II was about what you’d change if you had a second chance at life, this year is more about saying we have no second chances and we need to find meaning in this life and get as much from it together as possible. Edinburgh Fringe experience is what I work towards all year, and I want to give the audience something totally different, which I’m hopefully literally doing every night this year.
Have you an eye on 2017 already, & if so , what is it
I do have an eye on 2017 already – I’m doing a show called ‘Man in the Arena’ – there’s even a big poster advertising that show in the underpass on Potterow.  That show will be about bravery in a volatile world.

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