Suzanna Gonzo : Dark Lady

The Mash House

Until the 27th (15.00)


Laughs: four-stars   Material: four-stars   Delivery: five-stars

We all need ‘Texan’ Suzanna Gonzo in our life. She has the ability to heal us – perhaps not so much with the esoterics of her healin’ & revealin,’ but more from the fact that she can transfer that endless, pearly-white smile of hers onto your own face. Her show, then, is a wee waltz through her days as a Luxury Cruise Liner singer & her sexual adventures along the way. Suzanna’s real name is Katie Bridget O’Brien, a graduate of Philippe Gaulier’s Parisian clown school, & it shows. She’s incredibly adept at making us laugh. She has also embraced the singular character theme – her previous Fringe effort, Billy Was Tap Dancing With Seagulls, used a number of characters, but this time round she’s hit pay-dirt with her pink-clad, catchphrase-kicking, finger-lickin,’Cher-loving cowgirl, Miss Gonzo

Watching Gonzo is like having a right good soak in a bubble-bath, for a good hour or so of warmth & fluffiness. This lady is a stylish talent, & like all the best comedy storytellers has the ability to transport us into an unshakable reality of hilarity. And that’s the beauty of it. You know she’s a comedy character – almost cartoonesque, really – you know that the Texan accent is almost too good to be true, & you now the wacky stories she’s coming out with are but joyous little baubles of comedy creativity…. but she’s so entrancing you become completely immersed in her world & are like, Suzanna, its my turn, please heal me…

Reviewer : Damian Beeson Bullen


Hi Suzanna, where did the idea for your show come from
I have always had a desire to heal the holes in people’s souls and make them laugh along the away.
How are you finding the Edinburgh experience
Edinburgh has been a wide open wondrous beast with fire in its belly and one very sexy tooth gnawing away at my soul
What is the future for Suzanna
I will be touring around other fringes and festivals getting to the naughty little root root of what needs to be revealed and healed at my workshops.

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