Alex Kealy: The Art of the Keal

alex keal pic2.jpg

Just the Tonic at the Caves
August 3rd – 27th (16:20)

Material: three-stars.png Delivery: three-stars.png Laughs: three-stars.png

Mr Kealy rose onto the small Fringe stage almost reaching the ceiling with the top of his rather intelligent head. There is no doubt that this comedian slash maths teacher started out expecting to be found funny, such was the confidence in his demeanor. The whoops of certain members of the audience proved such anticipation to be shared… he’d clearly made people laugh before. But stand-up is more than just laughter, its about having a good time, & I cannot help but feel I have not had the best hour I’ve ever had with a Stand-Up comic in the company of Mr Kealy, & perhaps this wasn’t his best performance either. I did, however, spend some time with the fellow, a fine man really, who does posses a number of merits, so let us focus on these.

2017ALEXKEA_JG.jpgMr Kealy is a master of the grand digress for example, & his admission to being a teacher, not long into his show, gave a ready explanation as to his peculiar sense of style and delivery of material. Quirkily entertaining, he possessed a rich gift for audience participation garnered from handling the lecture halls of 2017. His themes were grandiose, witty ruminations on the state of living in the modern world & our following of those major events played out by the global media. Then, he plummets us all into the depths of the toilet bowl with pockets of purile patter. This bipolar attitude gives a great sense of paradoxicality to Mr Kealy’s set, which is more like a storm-buffeted sail vessel in a restless sea – occasionally we are able to see blue skies & yellow sands through a tear in the black clouds – but then we lose sight of land once again. Saying that, Alex has a heart-felt & melodic comedic tone, which is nice to trance out to, & as I clearly found out around me, folk did find him very funny, & you could well be one of them.

Reviewer: Daniel Donnelly


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