Bryony Twydle: Flamingo


Underbelly, Bristo Square
Aug 18-27 (20:30)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png  


As the charm-emanating Bryony Twydle steps onto her stage, one feels an instantaneous attraction as we morph into an acolyte at the temple of her muse. A completely full house saw her tripping the light fantastic with an assortment of characters, opening with the vivacious & laughter-grabbing QVC star Lisa Martinez Moore. From this point her characters varied in quality, but all the masks fit, & there were some very interesting threads of continuity rare in sketch shows. To all this I must add that her audience participation is on another level, she’s very good at it, as testified by the willingness of those summoned to the stage, even when her sex therapist character, Ulva, was holding a brutally honest session.

This is Bryony’s debut Edinburgh show, & as I watched the bonnie bundles of fun that constitute her work, I envisioned her as something of a bagpiper. Both go solo, both play a variety of tunes/sketches of about the same length, & both artforms are fiendishly difficult to master. Yet Bryony has, & with youth on her side I can only see her going from strength to strength.



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