An Interview with Black Sheep


 Eddie Mullarkey and Mag’s McHugh have teamed up
The result is emerald, comedy emerald!

Hello, so first things first, where are you both from & where are you at, geographically speaking?
Mags: I was born Watford England. Irish parents from Co Mayo. Irish upbringing. So Irish Dancing (Not Riverdance standard) Holidays in Ireland . Never felt English whatever that is. Just wanted to marry Elton John. He married Renarta, I was devastated. In my 50’s now. I moved to Ireland to care for parents. My Dad loved comedy and lent me his chair. I still live in Dublin and for now it’s home.
Eddie: I’m from Galway in the rainy west of Ireland. I’m based in sunny Dublin.

Mags Mchugh headshot.jpg

When did you first realise you could make people laugh?
Mags: People laugh at me when I’m acting normal. I’m bewildered really as I think a bit differently… I did stand-up as a wee break from minding my parents. I knew I could talk to people as I work in recovery and with groups. Comedy was a challenge.

Eddie Mullarkey Pic.jpg

When did you first develop a passion for comedy?
Eddie: Hmmm… my family always make fun of each other, I’ve three older sisters that used to call me ‘Edwina’ when I was a young boy. They tried to convince me I was a lesbian girl, so comedy and jokes were necessary to get through that sibling rivalry. And we watched all the Marx brothers repeatedly on VHS tape, watching Groucho Marx try to scam self entitled people probably developed my passion for comedy.

What is it about being funny in front of other people that makes you tick?
Mags: The first time I did a real gig there was laughter. I was so shocked I came off stage early. They loved my psychic set. Comedy is a vehicle for change for me. It’s a place to play.

Black Sheep.jpg

You’re Washed up on a Desert island with an all-in-one solar powered DVD/TV combo. What three movies would you bring?
Eddie: I hope there’s buttered popcorn on this island. The Sound of Music – and the sequel ‘Ex nuns vs Nazis.’ Marx brothers – A Night at The Opera. Coen Brothers – No Country For Old Men

Last year a reviewer saved your life, what’s the backstory?
Mags: A reviewer said ‘Mags is funny and quirky as a chipmunk’ bit intriguing it made me look up chipmunk as I wanted to see what one looked like. Mainly Fat cheeks! He was right very fat. Next day I was busy trying to see myself in a window reflection without looking at the road. (It made sense in my head) I got hit by a white van. I didn’t see it at all. Long story short. I had gone blind in my left eye and was in heart failure. 2 ops on eye and heart and I’m grand now.

Where and when did you two meet?
Eddie: We met a little after Brexit, I cant remember what comedy gig, she made me laugh and then she helped me organise a few gigs and we’ve been laughing since. She’s a very cheeky lady.

Last year you came runner up at the Irish competition ‘Show me the funny’, how was that experience?
Eddie: It was a really fun gig, I hadn’t been doing comedy too long so I was ecstatic afterwards. My sisters kept my ego in check by saying Mags was robbed.

Eddie Mullarkey action pic.jpg

You’re performing at this years Edinburgh Fringe. What are you guys bringing to the table?
Eddie: We’re going to bring some levity to the mental health discussion, laughing at yourself is the best therapy as Freud said. Together the two of us are bringing two very different life stories, Mags is in her 50’s and grew up a devout catholic. I’m in my 20’s and grew up with porn on a mobile phone. Different realities. Different struggles, different anxieties. It’s a very fun show.

Mags McHugh Action.jpg

What are you looking forward to the most about returning to the Fringe?
Mags: Oh looking forward to getting accessibility and domestic abuse into comedy arena. Making people laugh. Throw in Fat,OCD and the madness of making same mistakes repeatedly and working with Eddie of course coz he is class. He’s funny and clever.

You’ve got 20 seconds to sell the show to someone on the streets of Edinburgh, what would you say?
Eddie: Mags grew up as a black sheep, she claims to have an award winning vagina. Eddie is trying to stay woke. Mags just wants a nap. Different generations with the same guilt. Join us for a laugh.

Black Sheep

Sofi’s Southside

Aug 1-25 (12:00)

Black Sheep

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