Victor Pope : Infinitely More Deluded

The Phoenix (Broughton Street)

13-18 / 20-24 August


Free Fringe


This afternoon I was walking across the top of Broughton Street, when I found myself accosted by a crazy-haired, flyer-waving individual named Victor Pope, shouting, ‘a wet piece of card you’re gonna look at once & then throw away!” So I took the flyer, but instead of throwing it away I decided to give this love-able scamp a chance.

Partnered by a sasquatchesque all-round musician named Roy, Victor proceeds to strum his guitar like a man possessed & croon his way through a series of increasingly funny songs. His subjects often leaves the audience tittering (or leaving the room in the case of Kunt), ranging ftrom pscychotic dentists  & the political persuasion of Jesus. My favorite song, which Ive dug out on you-tube, was called Careers Advice for the Young at Heart.


Victor also mixes things up with a couple of hilarious poems & a pastiche parady of Fifty Shades of Grey, which I didn’t quite get cos I haven’t read the book, but the girls beside me were tittering all the way through.  These, combined with the pretty decent standard of musician for a comedy singer, & the sheer uniqueness of his material has earned the fellow FIVE STARS.


 Gold star

Reviewer : Simon Sumner

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