Pss Pss

Zoo Southside (Venue 82)
Aug 14-17, 19-25
Cirque du Soleil award winners, The Baccalà Clown premiere at Edinburgh Fringe festival this year with Pss Pss, directed by Louis Spagna.  Former students of the Teatro Dimitri school in Switzerland, clown duo Simone Fassari and Camilla Pessi have since united to create an intricate clown act that ranges from compelling comedic simplicity to intricate aerial circus theatre. Taking inspiration from Buster Keaton, Federico Fellini and of course Charlie Chaplin, until 2010, they largely played circuses and cabarets, before turning their hand to theatre-based clowning. Together they compliment each other’s opposing characters. Fassari portrays the older more mature of the two with a silent-movie appearance, who tries to remain sensible throughout, while Pessi in a bright concoction of tights and bloomers, is the mischievous, childlike and needy younger ‘sister’ with her wide-eyed expressions.   The show is as much about their relationship as it is the

The curious blacked out stage comes to life and the lights gently come up, a bare stage. Pessi enters with a lunch box containing an apple they are oblivious to the audience, as they squabble over the apple.  Sudden realisation on our presence, the stop, shocked, eyes popping out. Nervously and awkwardly, they attend to entertain us.  She bows in victory because she managed to juggle a single apple!  They continue to build on their skills, each stunt improving from the last, until Pessi balancing with one hand on Fassari’s head. Their reactions are precise and unexpected, even they appear surprised by what they have achieved.

Their timeless performance of hilarious mishaps, simple gestures and outstanding acrobatics is utterly charming.   The old-fashioned music hall act maintains a clumsy connection, communicating with the universal language of expression and action. From daft distracting dances, diablo misfortunes, long hugs, audience participation, banana delight, a musical ladder and tense trapeze slapstick, they had the audience giggling throughout the performance. Their volatile relationship takes us through emotions such us desire, disenchantment hope, yearning and a bit of tomfoolery.  Although this show is extremely family friendly, sadly they only allow over eight year olds to attend, claiming it to be a clown show for adults.  Either way their light, honest mime and acrobatic act is an all time good fun, world touring show and a must see this festival.  Four funny stars!
four stars
Reviewer : Sarah Lewis

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