Igor Meerson : Hou I lernt inglish

Pleasance Below

16-25 August








I know what people were thinking. What!! A Russian comedian at the Edinburgh Festival. What next, Putin turning up in his 1970s Action Man suit.   No, just a normal guy from Moscow called Igor Meerson who was here to take us on a journey through his world of English and Russian Language, using many proverbs along the way.  From his first word he had the audience hooked with his Russian / English accent and rolled out the show from there. Not wanting to talk about politics he proceeded to hand out fruit to the audience which in his native land Russia has been sanctioned due to problems his comedy act has caused back home… quickly reminding the audience he is Russian and giving him the right to poison people. 




Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy  was his introduction to the proverbs  of the English language and bringing  many a laugh with his Russian versions of it.  This well put together show was fast paced, witty, intelligent and best off all Funny.  Inviting the audience up on to the stage for a shot of Russian vodka was a great end to a exhilarating show.  This is one Comedian to watch out for.  FOUR STARS


four stars

Reviewer : Spud

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