Minor Delays

Gilded Balloon

20-25 August




Back in 1966, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce formed the iconic British rock band, Cream, a supergroup of musicians who had moved on from their former bands. In the same fashion, three of the our recent student comedy elite have convereged upon each other to deliver an impressive hour of quick-fire comedy sketches. Just as Ginger Baker drove the Cream sound on with his pounding drums, so has Minor Delay’s own red-haired genius, Harry Michell (Footlights President 2012), written & directed this set of short sketches which arrive in our comedy laps in a relentlessly funny fashion.

Michell uses the traditional punch-line with aplomb, & is well supported by Abi Tedder (Footlights President 2010) and Joe Barnes (Leeds Tealights President 2012). The three of them are each given a chair on the stage, flanked by the quite pretty Héloïse Werner (violin) & Amelia Drew (cello), who whip out a pieces of Werner’s own classically influcenced music inbetween the sketches. Although the show seems better placed for radio, watching the three comics strut their Thalian stuff is an intimately entertaining experience. FOUR STARS

four stars

Reviewer : Damo Bullen


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