Des Clarke: The Trouble With Being Des

Eden Court – One Touch Theatre


Sat 23rd May 2015

des clarke

Its been a busy time for Des Clarke, what with hosting the Common Wealth Games closing ceremony, carrying the Olympic Torch through Glasgow, wearing a white trackie and having a sell out show at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival last year. This current stand up tour is the full version of last years fringe show.

He arrives on stage and gets straight in to some audience interaction, telling how everyone he’s met in Inverness is delighted Caley have made it to next Saturdays Scottish Cup Final, and asking the crowd how the Scottish Cup, which was only up here for 2 days managed to get broken. Des tells some funny stories about growing up in a high rise in Glasgow’s Gorbels, where he had the nickname of Lemonade as he lived 7-Up  and his unfortunate early growth of hair, he was the second to get a moustache in his class…the first being a girl named Fiona.

After getting the crowd loosened up he introduced support act Scott Gibson on stage and for the next 45 minutes we were exposed to his dark, twisted humour which was extremely funny with moments of pure cringe, but maybe not for the faint hearted or easily offended. Having recently done his début solo show “Life After Death” at Glasgow Comedy Festival I think he will be one to look out for!

Following a short break, Des Clarke returned to the stage for the next hour, with his face paced energetic comedy, hilarious personal accounts and impressions! Occasionaly it felt a bit rehearsed, but he was at his best when he was chatting, working the crowd and being spontaneous. This is when we got to see his quick clever wit and the room was filled with belly laughs. After a long, eventful week, laughter really is the best medicine and this was the perfect tonic.

Reviewer : Zoe Gwynne

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