Brett Goldstein – Burning Man

Pleasance Courtyard – Underneath
8th – 31st August (except 17th)
£9.50 / £10 / £11

Brett is an true raconteur with a well-written, sharp, witty hour that topped off an excellent first day at The Fringe. The hour passed all too rapidly – Brett has had the audience in stitches for a solid hour. 

 Dave Macaramba


How could you explain Brett Goldstein to someone who doesn’t know who Brett Goldstien is?  Well, bearing in mind there are two sides to every story, I would go with; he has the comedic persona of all four Inbetweeners characters combined, but to look at, well, he’s hot. (Not that that is relevant or anything, but he is!). Regardless of whether festivals, drugs or wa*king is your thing, or not, Brett is refreshingly enlightening, modestly romantic and one of the golden comics whom can pull of self deprecation without making you cringe and pity him.
Brett is clearly an intelligent fellow, there is no doubt about that, but he speaks with superbly humble simplicity.  He connects with every member of the audience and by half way in, you can’t help but feel that you have enjoyed funny story’s told by him, for years, while sitting around with a pint and some hearty grub down at your local, with a few other close friends.  He is not familiar in a ‘Oh I’ve seen him on the TV!’ kind of way; he is more like a pair of old comfy socks that you find at the back of drawer and get rather excited about putting on again!
His material touches upon socially and sexually controversial escapades, but in a way that you could totally take your Mum along to, despite Brett being terrified to invite his own dearest.  Maybe I am showing too much of my social background when I say this, but to be honest, I think even my granny would have been ending herself at this show! He balances the ridiculous and silly with the deep and profound and at one very significant and perhaps rather unexpected point, may even force you to swallow hard the lump in your throat and refrain from jumping all over him like a hippy to celebrate his personal ‘win’!
Disarmingly honest, an endearing imagination and apparently, a massive… sense of humour.  This guy is brilliant even if you are sober. FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie 

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