Imaan, After My Own Heart

The Assembly Rooms
6th-30th August (except 17th)
There is something quiet outstanding about Imaan Hadchiti, which will captivate you as soon as you meet him.  The first time I saw him I thought he looked phenomenal!  When standing in the evening sunlight on George street the evening before I went to see the show, Imaan’s eyes stood out to me like nothing I had ever seen before; coloured hazel like those of a black cat and he his lashes are longer than those of a horse.
Imaan does a top quality stand up, built around seven Ancient Greek words which all represent different definitions of our one English word for ‘Love’. He gives us a glimpse of the man behind the cats eyes as he tells us stories of his encounters with various different types of love. He warmly recounts moments shared with family, pets and with almost no bitterness at all, also tells of the most recent heartbreak in his life.  (Her loss Imaan!)
We are told of profound life lessons blanketed within many punchlines, and the odd deliberate awkward silence; makes for a great evening, brought to you by an inspirational soul with enough passion and flirt to bring any woman to her knees. A great rib tickler! FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie  

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