The Wonderful World Of Lieven Scheire

The Gilded Balloon




I awoke with the lark, sun streaming in through my bedroom window, bounced out of bed, turned my laptop on and made a coffee and prepared to write for The Mumble​. After I had finished my scribe, I received my request to go and see Lieven Scheire at The Gilded Balloon. Divine and comedians generally do not get along, especially celebrity comedians. They really do take themselves too seriously. Comedians really have to be funny or I simply will nae write a review. Its one thing enduring a shit performance but its another having to write about it as well. Life’s too short. So on this beautiful Sunday I made haste to witness a clown with a difference. Lieven Scheire is the physics teacher that I never had. Divine bunked off the last two years of school and never got any qualifications bar a couple of GCSE’s and an English O Level. The school that I never went to in Bradford was rough as fuck and to actually go to school was to endure the bullying of the psychos that were my class-mates. David Bowie, Japan, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk John Foxx and The Human League were my teachers and the art of shoplifting music became a full-time occupation. I was a young DJ, from a working class background at a time of the three day week, my parents were nae well off, so I had to get my music somehow. My shoplifting career was cut short when I finally got arrested. I ended up in court, with a fine that I had to pay at 50p a week from my pocket money. First offence and all that. In the internet age people do that all the time. Without getting arrested or getting a fine.

What has all this got to do with Lieven Scheire? I hear you ask.The one thing that has spurred Divine’s writing skills is the Internet. Lieven taught me how the internet was the direct result of physicists wanting to share each others theories. In the same way that I am doing now. Brilliant stuff.  Well, Lieven Scheire is a naturally funny man with big blue eyes, equally as much eye-candy as brain candy, for nerds of a certain disposition. This was the only comedy show I have been to, where the audience were on the whole Physics graduates or teachers of the science. As you can imagine, this duck was out of the water. Or was he? I was eaves-dropping on a couple that were sat in front of me, I had been talking to them in the queue before hand… it was a very clever and friendly audience. The gentleman of the couple was talking about the Space Time Continuum. I said, ‘wow, one really needs to go deep to achieve that,‘ Divine did through meditation five years ago. I call it The Space, Soul Time Continuum. Its a deeper insight into Clairvoyance and how to successfully heal the effects of the past. His reply was, ‘no, not at all.’ I read it in a physics book. “OOOooo” said Divine. And the light switch turned on. Lieven Scheire helped me to bridge the world of quantum physics and spirituality in an instant. This was proving to be a very affirming lesson for Divine.

Now this is where the latent Nerd in me became as excited as all the other Nerds in the room. The whole performance was a very entertaining and informing Physics lecture. Explaining why, at the speed of light , lengths are shorter and time slower. As you can imagine this really tickled my funny bone. The silly sausage should have known that it will never ever be possible to travel at the speed of light. So all this is theory. Divine’s not a fan of theory. I have to live it to understand it.

So the equation bit of the show left me blank for a bit. My brain works different to most folks’. Because it was damaged when I was a kid. However, this hour of Comedy, it solidified my understanding of the difference between consciousness and physics. Physics is the mathematical equation, a theory to explain spiritual healing fact. Within Reiki it is possible and effective to send distant healing to a specific time, either past, present or at a future time that we are yet to arrive at. It works, I have been practising and teaching for 20 years.

Lieven Scheire’s performance taught me a very important lesson today. Spiritual Healing and Reiki are the tools of experience that Physics explains as theory. Wowzer indeed. Divine was on the edge of his seat, waiting for Lieven to say nothing travels faster than speed of light. Why?  Because there is something that travels faster than the speed of light. And that is love and healing. The 5th dimension that will never be worked out with mathematical equation. It is something that needs to be experienced. For it is the Muse, or the higher power. Or God! Well They Do Call Me Divine For a Reason. FIVE STARS



Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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