Andy Hamilton : Change Management

Eden Court


9 November


Andy Hamilton is a prolific comedy writer and performer he has written for Theatre, Radio, TV and Film. He is a regular on TV panel shows and has also presented documentaries. In his new show he uses his observations of the changes he has seen affect him and other people to impart his philosophy on how to deal with life’s changes.

Opening with how he grew up in 1950’s East London and describing in the most humorous fashion the complete lack of health and safety culture that perhaps inhibits children growing up today. He went through the evening telling many hilarious stories from about getting in trouble for being recognised as Satan (who he plays in Old Harry’s game) to being sung at by Captain Kirk (on Have I got News for You) and being hit in the head with a dart.

His observational humour is amazing and he appears to be continuing to observe even during his performance. Throughout the evening he would check with the audience on what they had experienced themselves and as he told jokes he also had a running gag of writing down jokes that may not have got a huge laugh whilst loudly explaining them inevitably leading to the audience cracking up.  Both funny and fascinating Andy Hamilton’s humour is of the highest quality it should appeal to a wide range of people.  Andy is next taking his show to the Gardyne Theatre Dundee on Nov 12th and I would recommend this show very much.

Material four-stars
Delivery three-stars  
Laughs four-stars

Reviewer : Stewart Tonkin


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