Will Duggan : A Man Gathering Fish

Pleasance Bunker 2

3 – 28th August



Material :three-stars Delivery :three-stars  Laughs : three-stars

Entering a vault-like bunker in the belly of the Pleasance, a small dark room awaited u, as did the star of the show.  This Manchester-born comedian, ‘who may have well been a Doctor,’ appears with his hilarious debut show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Will Duggan is a straight-forward-talking Northerner-Englander, who has brought a witty and sharp-tongued show to the maelstrom that is the Fringe. As he throws out his first line of the night, we come to wonder if he is going to be a comedian of hate, as Doctors didn’t seem to please him too much.  A few minutes later you come to realize that this show is more about the trials and tribulations of his life, of where he could have went, and where he ended up.  ‘A comedian at the Edinburgh Fringe aint so bad,’ he kindly reminds us.

Mr Will Duggan has this cool demeanor about him, but a look that could turn you to stone if your opinions don’t appear to be in order.  He looks at the realities of life and brings it us in a twisted way…  this is real life at its roughest, but reconditioned for our pleasure. Fast-paced and certainly not lighthearted,  there was so much information being propelled at us it was hard to dilute at times.   As the show moved forward  I found myself being heckled by ‘Will,’ and was flung headlong into his world of mischief.  My name, my likes, my dislikes and some quick banter allowed myself and the audience to interact with his gritty jokes. Dark tales and bad jobs contributed to his undisputed rise into comedy, and on finding the right mechanism he had the audience reacting with bounds of laughter.

After being a Teacher, a Chemist, a Doctor  and then a comedian, ‘Will’ feels he has finally made the right choice, which I & the chuckling crowd agreed with as he spilled out his witty one-liners. Funny, out spoken, direct, gripping, but with no brakes at times, this was a roller-coaster that could have gone on for hours. Take a chance and go see Will Duggan, you just might enjoy it !!!

Reviewer : Spud


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