Nick Revell: Gluten-Free Christ…

The Stand, 4
Until the 28th Of August
Laughs: four-stars   Material: five-stars   Deliveryfive-stars
I had been hurting like for heck since I awoke this morning. Kind of walking the edge of heart break blues. If I ever needed healing it was today. I awoke with the heaviest of hearts. So I had some breakie and tuned into mission control to find out what Divine’s daily delight would be. For some reason I thought our wonderful Mumble editor was taking the piss. When the promo reads Holistic Quantification and other such buzzwords, my back was already up, As you know Divine is a Reiki Master and Teacher of The Arts That Heal. So I accepted the Mumble Mission. If this was gonna be a dodgy  performance then both My Mumble editor and my unsuspecting comedian were gonna get it in the neck.
It was a stormy Friday… warm, wild and wet…  just like a good woman. I spent some time in Saint Andrew’s Square and took the scene in. I remeberd when the art work on the front of the Tent was being painted over in Adelaide –  Divine was married to an Ozzie once a long long time ago.  Bye eck them were’t days. From Saint Andrews square, I headed to get my ticket for the above show.  As I entered the small theater, I was greeted by my good friend Shane, who was doing the sound and the lighting. So I immediately felt at home. I did my best to clear judgement and detach from expectation. Because in my time as a Mumble Reviewer. I have witnessed irrelevant comedy, intellectually-misinformed comedy, silly comedy, & so on. But today I witnessed Comedy as Genius.
Serendipitous and educational, Nick Revell’s show is a man’s guide to mid-life dating if you like. Whether one is a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu it does not matter – because in this very clever tale of Human metaphysical development, the prophets of each end up in a pub fight. It is all done in the best possible taste though, & has a very effective and powerful message which Divine lapped up. It was comedy as Soul Food, comedy as therapy. The first line of the promo reads, ‘A year of near death experiences‘ I couldn’t work out what the near death experiences were as there were no references to any near death experiences in the performance. But when the penny drops it really is a giggle. & to see that penny drop one will have to go and see this master of his art, & indeed, Comedy as genius. A True Master Class! A Well deserved Five Stars! Divine Approved!
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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