Mixed Doubles

Just The Tonic @ The Caves

Aug 4-28 : (17.25)

Mixed Doubles Fundraiser Image_Fotor

Material :four-stars  Delivery : three-stars  Laughs : four-stars

So… I took a friend along to this comedy show, and I was definitely glathat  I did. It was his first show of the festival and said afterwards ‘he will be back for more with his full family!’ The cats of Mixed Doubles began by  portraying life in rural England and their trouble with re-naming the village green. It might not sound the most exciting of plots for a singular-themed sketch show, but it was very surprising and funny throughout. There wasn’t too much audience interaction, but that didn’t matter as were quickly immersed in this excellent show. The Doubles portrayed a smattering mix of village folk with very defined and very identifiable, yet uncliched characters that one instantly warms to as they wander about their small eclectic community.

This is a very polished act done with a lot of skill and great comedy timing, with each of the four cast members are portray their characters impeccably. The jokes are fresh and the material is mostly taken from ‘village life.’ This is actually a show for all the family & I would be happy to take my Nana along or my wee niece, being sure they would get a lot out of it. A great night is ensured – these guys are funny, on point, and their humour won’t offend anyone. Definitely one everyone should see – you won’t be disappointed!

Reviewer : Mark Parker


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