John Scott : Smashes it to F**k

Espionage – Kasbar

4th – 28th August @ 6.15pm

Free – Non Ticked Show


Laughs: five-stars   Material: five-stars   Deliveryfive-stars

John Scott returns to Edinburgh from the depths of the Stand Comedy Club in Newcastle with his intriguingly titled show,  Smashes It To F**k. A regular face on the comedy circuit during the Fringe,  John is always one of these comedians that takes his show to another level.  Acquiring the Kasbar in Espionage, with a crowd of 35 to 40 people, this is a close up and personal hour of hard-hitting, stand-up comedy.  John takes an average day and turns it into a head-on collision of gripping, on the edge of your seat hilarity. From the first words spoken, John had the audience in barrels of laughter, clutching at his jokes as they were hurled towards us with precise meaning…

Swaying back and forward from his Small World to his Big World, Mr Scott takes us through new dimensions of political and self-conscious jokes, delivering direct and deliberate lines that hit you like a gale force wind.  Stunned with laughter you recover in enough time to deal with the next succession of mind-teasing jokes. With the Royal Family, Politics, Religion, War, Donald Trump, and pretty much everything else in the firing line, there is nowhere to hide when it comes to John Scott…

A true marvel at crafting his art of stand up comedy, I felt this space was too small for such a giant.  This is funniness taken to the outer boundaries of our existence.  Planned purely with the audience in mind (and partly for himself), John can shock you, tickle you, twist you, bend you, entertain you, melt you, never offend you, with his twisted take on our daily existence on mother earth.  This is the best and funniest free comedy I have had the pleasure to attend at this years Edinburgh Fringe… Shockingly Brilliant !!!!!!

Reviewed by Raymond Speedie



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