Knightmare Live

Pleasance, King Dome

Run Complete


Material :five-stars  Delivery : four-stars   Laughs : five-stars

Welcome watchers of illusion!!! The successful Knightmare Live returns to the fringe with an updated and revitalised show. This adaptation of the 80s kid cult TV classic is wonderfully nostalgic; we have fond memories of watching the show as little kids. This stage version of the program is hilarious with its combination of panto acting and ad libbing from the cast as they improvise their way through the show. What keeps the show fresh is that you never know what will happen as the contestants, props, realms and off the cuff dialogue changes every night. An audience member is chosen from a sea of risen hands to wear the iconic helmet of justice, they are given instructions from 2 fringe comedians to help navigate them through the dungeon as they come up against various dangerous tasks and puzzles to solve.

What we loved about the show was that it stayed true to the original format with its ramshackle set, brilliantly rubbish masks and homemade props. The cast really bounce of each other with their observational humour with an added adult element. Audience members shouting out the famous catchphrase “YOU’RE IN A ROOM” reminded us that the room was full of diehard Knightmare fans, some taking the whole thing quite seriously. This is a hysterical walk down memory lane with its quick witted cast and brilliantly replicated set; this is one not to be missed. We look forward to reaching the next level of the game if they return in 2017.

Reviewers : Laura & Ema Murray


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