Gary Meikle: Before All This


Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre
Aug 2-13th to 15-27th (19:15)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png

GM_FringePosterGary Meikle has earned his stripes driving around the country from club to club, & now he’s ready for his debut show at the Fringe. Gary is no ordinary comic, but quite paradoxically its his sense of the ordinary that makes him so special. But then again Gary has led quite an extraordinary life, which forms the molten core of iron on which every joke & anecdote flourishes.

From childrens’ homes to becoming a single parent in his teens when he was still experimenting with breakfast cereals, Gary’s early days were a challenge. With early fatherhood came early maturity however, & he did the right thing & brought up his daughter as his best friend, the passage of which is presented as a comedic biopic. The longer the show goes on, & the more we get to know about Gary & his family life, the more I warmed to him. But this is no Auntie Doreen telling tales about the war at Christmas; for Gary’s cheeky, risque creativity is waiting implike in the wings of his mind to pounce upon us like Uncle Jasper spiking the festive punch.

I can’t express how amazing the feeling is of seeing and hearing a room full of strangers laugh at your life, its better than any drug and is hugely addictive.
Read the full interview here…

Gary has a smart swagger about his delivery, very polished & he knows the power of his gags. He’s also an energetic storyteller, & the combination is most endearing. A flagbearer for the dysfunctional families of the 21st century, & a model of human integrity, Mr Meikle is a canny comedian to observe. His brilliant sequence about the modern females’ obsession with eyebrows is something that can only have come from his set of circumstances, & matches the best material of the very best comics. Yeah, Gary’s cool.



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