Tony Law : Enter the Tone Zone

 The Stand
4-24 August (not 11)
Tony Law took his capacity audience into the Zone of Tone. What a lovely man he was. Entertaining and warmly funny. He was every ones favorite uncle.

Celeb comedians needn’t worry about filling venues. However, it does give them a pressure to deliver.Tony is a happily married man and a Dad, entertaining the inner child within us all in the same way that he would entertain his kids.
Trombones! A Game of catch with a beach ball, His pet dogs both alive and the ones that have gone to puppy heaven. Love making etiquette and his psychic pooch featured heavily. Reminding me of a past Beau that had a Standard Poodle who shared our bed every time we got it on. 

Tony Law is one of us.

He deserves every one of the five stars I am gonna give him.

Brilliant start to my Sunday
Gold star
Reviewer – Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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