That Funny Blind Guy 2 : Jamie Macdonald

Assembly Studio 4
30, 31 Jul; 1-10, 12-25 Aug

9:05 pm – 10:05 pm




Jamie MacDonald delivered a pretty enjoyable show with many entertainment moments, especially when he relates to his ever warming audience about the patronizing issues he commonly faces. He also talks about his previous adventures with women, including the issues that spring up in the beginning of a relationship, plus many a funny comment about his drinking habits.



Going topical for 2014 meant the pros & cons of Scottish
independence and for me the most interesting part of the show. Jamie is quite definitely a funny storyteller, & has a stage presence that keeps people attracted.  Although the crowd seemed to really enjoy the show, its not the best I have ever attended, but there is certainly quality enough to leave a good & lasting impression. THREE STARS





Reviewer: Grace


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