It Might Get Ugly : Karl Schultz

Pleasance Upstairs
Daily until 24th August 
I was blown away last year by Karl Schultz in his free fringe show, so this show where Karl challenges comedians to be honest to the point of regret certainly sounded like it had potential for genius.
Despite a surprisingly low turn out, perhaps due to competition from other big names showing in the courtyard at the same time, this unexpectedly intimate endeavour saw three comedians forced to expose a part of themselves they would usually prefer to keep out of their material. 
Karl himself offered up some cringeworthy personal moments and the other three comedians got laughs from tales of their love lives, sexual turn ons, one night stands with super groupies and witty self examination. 
This is a great premise for a comedy show and with the line up of comedians changing daily you could really see something new at it every night. Although I missed the surreal absurdity of Karl’s solo performance of 2013, ( I would have liked to have seen him push the comedians further, maybe with the odd probing at their stories), this was still an utterly charming and funny way to finish a wet Saturday evening in Edinburgh.
I’m surprised it wasn’t a total sell out, as for ten pounds you get great value and get to see comedians at their most fabulously neurotic best. Check it out before they get too big and expensive. Three stars
Reviwer : Antoinette Thirgood

One thought on “It Might Get Ugly : Karl Schultz

  1. This was the worst comedy show I have ever seen. I would NOT call it comedy. I am no cognoscenti to the comedy genre but we’re still laughing today about how awful it was and how pathetically self indulgent that chap it. Clearly a daddy’s boy who needs to realise comedy isn’t for him. AVOID THIS SHOW! Awful!!!

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