Can I Get An Amen

Can I Get An Amen_! Press Pack

Material: three-stars.png Delivery: five-stars.png  Laughs:  four-stars.png

Gilded Balloon Teviot
Aug 2-28 (23.30)


When rowdy, raucous & rambunctious is executed with as much as sexiness as Australian Kaitlyn Rogers pours into her onstage persona, there is nothing to stop our hearts pounding with unpurged pleasure. She’s hot, she’s happy, she flicks out her moves with the poetry of a ballet dancer, she’s got it, big time. Her show, ‘Can I Get An Amen’ is an internationally appreciated sermon on the saintly wisdom of Whoopi Goldberg, & delivered with her self-crowned status of ‘queen of the sass,’ as taught in the popular ashrams ran by American all-girl group, Destiny’s Child. A flamingo of some fluffiness, in a recent interview with The Mumble, Kaitlyn described the origins of her creation:

I wrote and devised the show myself by locking myself in a room and trying to make myself laugh. For a long time I didn’t know if the show would work because it’s definitely an absurd comedy that doesn’t sit in any one genre. It’s part clown. Part stand up. And a complete hot mess

IMG_20170810_243056905.jpgThis is Kaitlyn’s first Fringe, & early in the run, & you can tell — she’s so energetic & full of enthusiasm, & greets her audience one-by-one as they leave AND depart the room at the uppermost turret-tops of the Teviot. Inbetween she has us eating, or rather licking, out of the palms of her mesmerizing, silky hands as she weaves her magic like a sensuous comedy sorceress. Clad in a skin-clinging, leopard-skin catsuit, this hyperactive, golden-tinged darling lady is confident in her abilities. ‘Oh My God!’ she chirps, ‘this part is so fucking sick!’ & she was right to be so cocky, as were all the sections of her set except for one dramatic lull near the end, which comes on as sudden as a Tuscan sea-storm, & definitely one dramatic step too far for a polite British audience. But this was the calm before the inevitable hurricane finale, & when the audience were queuing up to get a photo taken with Kaitlyn as they leave, you know you’re in the presence of a proper star

Reviewer : Damo



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