Kwame Asante : Open Ams


Pleasance Courtyard
August 17th – 27th ( 18.45)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: three-stars.png  Laughs: three-stars.png

Playing host to Bunker Two in the Pleasance Courtyard is the gentle giant of comedy storytelling Kwame Asante with is debut show Open Arms. This Doctor of comedy slides onto the stage with ease and grace  proceeds to welcome you into his world of smooth-laced stand up comedy. With his origins in Ghana, this 6ft3 lad from Kent has had a pretty mixed up time of it and would like to share his incredible experiences with us. Take a seat and be prepared to be amused. Variations of somewhat delicate subjects are turned into a witty and hilarious bundle of side-splitting jokes. Approaching many topics that other comedians would never dare to relay, we learn a thing or two. He appears to have this natural feeling about him that allows us easy access to his universe of fun and laughter. Being a Doctor from 9am to 9am daily must take its toll on some, but for Kwame its like a hunting ground for material. People say the funniest things to Doctors and they’ve ended up in our laps at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In a recent interview with the Mumble, Kwame described his show as being a retrospective of;

The last three years, which has seen me graduate medical school, leave my family and home in South East London, and move up to Birmingham to settle into my new life as a junior doctor. It’s packed with funny stories, unexpected twists and hard-learned life lessons.

kwame2 (1).jpg

Observations of life’s grueling & mundane chores are utilized and diverted through different channels of humour . When right or wrong decisions are made the explosive consequences can be overwhelmingly funny and Kwame will be there to help you get through it. With political references to immigration, Black African Vampires, Welsh Dragons, race and a black Hitler, Kwame certainly likes to explore the unknown and tease his audience like puppets on a string. He even allows you to go out for fresh air to prevent anyone from fainting. What a gentleman !!!! This stand-up comedy will warm you and tickle you. Cheerful, pleasant, and fun to follow, the show glides along like a hovercraft on water arriving at your destination happy and content with the what you have witnessed.

Reviewed by Raymondo


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