Vicki Sargent : One Woman Army


The Cuckoo’s Nest
Aug 9-13/15-19/21-27 (13.50)

Material: four-stars.png Deliveryfour-stars.png  Laughs:  three-stars.png

Vicki from Dartford has slipped into a mild depression & fallen into a sofa-coma munching on digestive biscuits, flicking through the channels & barking at the telly. Modern existence in its most opiate form, but this young lady wants to rouse herself from her life-funk & do something, something cool. So we set off along her biopic, through dodgy jobs, dodgier romances, all suffered in pursuit of her chosen artform, to perform. From throwing up jagerbombs in a Dartford gutter, through supermarket counter politics, past her bumbling attempts to find love, to doing her glittering solo show for a full fringe, following Vicki’s journey is a frolicking odyssey of fun. In a recent interview with The Mumble, Vicki told us;

One Woman Army is a storytelling comedy show. I tell and act out stories from my life and play all the characters within them. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and this show started as me thinking about all the things that stress me out so I talk about awful retail jobs I’ve had, bad dating experiences, feeling out of depth in the acting world and the joys of living in Dartford. It’s basically me having a very relatable, witty moan about things. I perform the whole show in my dressing gown and it centres around me watching telly on my sofa and eating snacks.

She buzzes between scenes & characters with flawless accents & auras & faces, & she shows her scars to the audience, & she’s a wee hip-hop ninja, & she’s just, well, she’s just cool. A one woman sitcom, with a love of life in all its forms, I loved her, ‘these days its all about playing the field.. playing the game, but in the end we all end up playing with oursleves,’ a drop of wisdom making sense of the world we live in, as Ms Sargent is also trying to do, but she’s turned it into comedy gold!

Reviewer : Damo


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